Windows in light

In den evening of december 5, the West of Leipzig was again turned into an island of light with the Lichtspiele des Westens In this year’s edition, we celebrated the Lichtspiele in da “Corona-manner”. From the terrace of the Schaubühne, the Bohei-Goddess sang their enchanting song. Queen Elizabeth is greeting from a window and behind … Read more

Look back at the “Lichtspiele des Westens”

Lights on at Boulevard Heine! Around 5000 people took a walk through the quarter on December 7. They crossed the Lindenauer Markt, Karl-Heine-Strasse and Schaubühne Lindenfels to see light installations, colorful windows and the funny light man. We thank everyone who took part in the sparkling event. Some photos by Andreas Matthes:  

Local products in sample fair of the West

A walkable Advent calendar with products and innovations from the area They are witnesses of long journeys around the world and the goods they brought to us from all continents in a globalized economy. Now they stopped at Karl-Heine-Straße: Four overseas container which will stand at the Boulevard in December. But they only contain regional … Read more

The boulevard illuminated

Lights on at the Boulevard! The Karl-Heine-Strasse is the lifeline of Leipzig’s West and expecially impressing when enlighted. In the long winter nights, this is already a tradition: The Schaubühne Lindenfels calls to illuminate the area Plagwitz Lindenau and Schleußig. Local residents, artists and shops orchestrate the „Lichtspiele des Westens“. Projections on house fronts, installations … Read more

Return to Millennium Field

20 years ago, Farmer Arnold joined the seed of rye at the „Jahrtausendfeld“ (Millennium Field) – a project of the Schaubühne Lindenfels. On occasion of the anniversary he returns and met many curious citizens and also his own silhouette, in the monument MAN AND HORSES. Back in 1999, René Reinhardt created the installation “Jahrtausendfeld” for … Read more

»We own the street!«

A guest article by Petra Mattheis and Sascha Nau about the beginnings of Bohei & Tamtam. In July 2016 they talked to Eurcaris Guillen and Katja Berger about the Wunderwesten project when the first street festival was being planned and carried out. The aim was and still is to make the quarter visible as a … Read more

Urban agriculture in the west of Leipzig

Ellen Klein, ANNALINDE

A guest article by Petra Mattheis and Sascha Nau about Annalinde, a non-profit organisation that operates social urban agriculture in the west of Leipzig. There is a community garden and a nursery where vegetables are cultivated close to nature. As part of the Wunderwesten project, they spoke to Ellen Klein in August 2015, who at … Read more

The next Boheim & Tamtam begins in …

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