The boulevard illuminated

Lights on at the Boulevard! The Karl-Heine-Strasse is the lifeline of Leipzig’s West and expecially impressing when enlighted. In the long winter nights, this is already a tradition: The Schaubühne Lindenfels calls to illuminate the area Plagwitz Lindenau and Schleußig. Local residents, artists and shops orchestrate the „Lichtspiele des Westens“. Projections on house fronts, installations in shop windows and trees turn the Boulevard into a fascinating winter wonderland. In the light parade, kids and families meet the sparkling “Bohei Godess” or Victor/Victoria on her “Velo Lilee”. Together they search for the mysterious cats which are hiding everywhere. The parade stops at the Local Container Port, a sample fair with products and innovations from the local area. A walk in advent calendar.  


But most important: The “Lichtspiele” live from your participation. Illuminate your window, street or house. If you have free space and are looking for artists to create something, contact us. A Jury awards the best installations.

Free spaces and application for artists:


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