Local products in sample fair of the West

A walkable Advent calendar with products and innovations from the area They are witnesses of long journeys around the world and the goods they brought to us from all continents in a globalized economy. Now they stopped at Karl-Heine-Straße: Four overseas container which will stand at the Boulevard in December. But they only contain regional … Read more

The boulevard illuminated

Lights on at the Boulevard! The Karl-Heine-Strasse is the lifeline of Leipzig’s West and expecially impressing when enlighted. In the long winter nights, this is already a tradition: The Schaubühne Lindenfels calls to illuminate the area Plagwitz Lindenau and Schleußig. Local residents, artists and shops orchestrate the „Lichtspiele des Westens“. Projections on house fronts, installations … Read more

The next Boheim & Tamtam begins in …

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